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Ansarve farm is a Gotland lamb farm just south of Visby.

150 lambs live here. During the summer, they are out on natural pastures, including Furillen and Bungenäs.


We sew, produce and design on the farm in Stenkumla. We are selling our products and a large selection of beautiful lambskins for the first time this summer on our farm! With only 20 minutes from Visby, you can now pet lambs, buy handicrafts / lambskins and have coffee in the countryside- Stenkumla


Selected products and lambskins are sold in the Webshop.

Our farm boutique in town, Visby

Summer opening hours

June 21 - August 27 open daily 10- 16

Stenkumla Ansarve 851

62195 Visby

The farm shop